Thursday, January 23, 2014

Project 1: Self-Portrait……..USING ONLY RECTANGLES (in Adobe Illustrator) *DUNDUNDUN*

My process for assignment am be that to make pretty face from the rectangle tool within adobe illustrator. Success was made. Mostly I use rectangles and bunch em all up in lil bitty blotchy patches of color. I layer with that some photo referentials underneath for the easy making of face building process, y'know? Colors were mostly like, skin-color and green rectangles and black rectangles. HERE SEE!?:

Then I maked  a pattern from layered opaque rectangles just real fast for a background. Then a body appears underneath my head and my project finishes:

Basically, it came out reely gewd but I wanna make it smoother and give it more swag like whoa. Only then perfection I can haz.

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