Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Okay so now is the time to make the paper crafts. This project involved much design savvy and creativity. I researched many paper craft models on the interwebnets an it was made abundantly clear that my brain and fingers would be sobbing together in unison from the pain this project would cause. After scouring the internets into the wee hours of the night, which  included mild amounts of origami research, and folding up other designs the good people of the internets have made, I decided to come up with my own design created from many parts to create one big body:
lollolololololol j-play but yah like this.
(image courtesy of :housevifalcon)
Colours were composed of whatever I was wearing at the time so just blue (jeans), black (clothes and hair), and tan for skin tones. I tried to piece together a decent model but my original design was way too complicated for me to be able to figure out before the final draft of the project was due so I decided to take a more simplistic route and design a figure composed of cubes.

I plan on adding more accessories and more features such as a jacket and some added shapes for the hair to complete this model. The final pieced-together design had its flaws and needed to be tweaked a little. I need to account for space between the legs as they seemed to obstruct one another and I need to change the shape of the torso so it's got more definition. As for construction, pretty much all I did was cut out the shapes, shoved toothpicks through the designated "hole circle" and glued the arms to the torso. The toothpicks hold everything together and need to fit snugly in their respective joint holes in order for the model to hold together so I had to be careful not to make the holes too big before sticking the toothpicks through.



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