Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Photoshop Artist Research

 I have been tasked with researching artists who use photoshop. I didn't have to look too terribly hard because as it turns out, I've been doing "artist research" on since the internet was invented! Deviant Art has been a huge source of inspiration for me since I was but a wee lad. Just seeing all the different artists and the things they were doing always drove me to want to be able to do what they were doing with my own work. Photoshop has always seemed so inaccessible to me because the interface is a tad bit intimidating and there's so much you can do with it that I didn't even know where to start! As for Illustrator, I didn't even know such  dream existed! So, here goes. These are some of the photoshop artists I've been following since the dawn of the interwebs...


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Kandoken has been a huge inspiration to me because of his vivid use of color and his strong line work. Also, a lot of his material is video game/cartoon/comic-related


Chamba has always been a big influence on me because of his crazy foreshortening (not really evidenced much here) and his crazy ability to use color (and photoshop!) so well. Also, he does video game fan art. That's pretty much a pre-requisite for this list…

Darren Geers

This is an artist that I've only recently discovered but his skill and efficiency in photoshop are just as admirable as those who came before him. Also, video games…


Kizer layers his colors and values in a very loose but cohesive way. He has a very concise painterly technique that adds a certain energy to his art that is difficult to attain without getting to messy. In some ways his work is more of the same stuff (comics/cartoons/video games) done in his own style. 


This guy's pretty good even though he's also relatively new to the scene so-to-speak. I particularly enjoy his ability to depict believably immersive environments as well as his playful use of color. 

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